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Cummins diesel generator
Weichai diesel generator
Yuchai diesel generator
Shangchai diesel generator
Yangdong diesel generator
Quanchai diesel generator
YTO diesel generator
Fawde diesel generator
Lovol diesel generator
ISUZU Foton diesel generator
Ricardo diesel generator
Lijia diesel generator
Perkins diesel generator
Diesel engine for land use genset
Diesel engine for marine genset
Brushless generator
Controlling module for genset
Parts of Cummins diesel engine
Parts of Quanchai diesel engine
Parts of Yangdong diesel engine
Parts of Weichai diesel engine
Parts of generator (alternator)
Parts of diesel generator set
Special diesel generator set
Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., Ltd.   扬州涌财机械有限公司 

       Our current company -- Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., Ltd. inherits from China Sun Moon Trading Co., Limited. So we have 2 websites, www.elecmama.com & www.chinasunmoontrading.com. These 2 websites are updated aperiodically. Anyway, www.elecmama.com is our official company website.
       We will continue to focus on core business, continue to export the following products for our global customers.
       ● industrial diesel generator set for land use
       ● marine diesel generator set for ship use
       ● diesel engine for genset 
       ● generator
       ● spare parts of diesel generator set
       ● spare parts of diesel engine for genset 
       ● spare parts of generator
       Address:16F, Tianyu office building, Tianshan road, Jiangdu district, Yangzhou city, China
       Tel(+86)   0514 -86829835
       Fax(+86)  0514 -86829836
       Director:Mr. Jack Cai 
       Mobile:+86 -18936242835
       WhatsApp:+86 -18936242835





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