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  Technical Article
preparing jobs before commissioning of diesel generator
Date:2018-08-10 15:30:30 Hits:1653

        Before starting the genset, please make all of the following preparations can be well done.


        Genset check before testing:

        1). Check whether the genset’s surface is clean; check the ground bolts, flywheel screws and screw buts on rotating parts, tighten them if they are loose.

        2). Check the clearance between each component, particularly the clearance for air inlet and outlet valves and depressurizing mechanism.

        3). Keep the cylinder in a depressurizing position, rotate the crankshaft while trying to detect any abnormal sounds from the cylinder components. The crankshaft shall rotate smoothly. Meanwhile, pump the oil onto all friction surfaces, close the depressurizing mechanism and rotate the crankshaft to check whether there is any air leakage. If great resistance is met when turning the crankshaft, it means that the compressing works well.

        4). Check the protections for the speed governor and over-speed to get rid of chances of overrev.


        5). Check the fuel supply system:

             ensure that the vent on the fuel tank cap is not clogged or cleaning shall be done to make it clear. Ensure that there is enough amount of diesel fuel which meets the specifications required by the engine. Open the fuel pump switch

             open the depressurizing devices and turn the crankshaft. If clear fuel injecting sound is heard in each cylinder, it means that injection works well. If no injection sounds are heard (no fuel sprayed by the injector), it may signal that there is air in the fuel pipe. Slacken the fuel filter and the vent plug of the fuel injection pump to clear off the air.

             check the fuel pipe and joints to fix leakage problems if there is any.


        6). Check the cooling system:

             ensure that there is enough cooling water in the water tank. If the water is insufficient, add soft water to the tank

             check the water pipe joints to fix leakage problems if there is any.

             ensure that the blades of the water pump moves freely and drive belt is approximately tensioned. Press the belt in the middle with hand, it should be possible to depress the belt 10-15 mm.


        7). Check the lubricant system:

             check the oil pipes and joints to fix leakage problems if there is any.

             check the amount of oil in the oil pan. Put out the dipstick beside the crank case to see whether the oil level is as required. If the oil level is too low, more oil shall be added. If the oil level is too high, careful analysis must be made to find out the reasons. Usually, there are three kinds of reasons for excessive oil. too much oil is filled into the lubricant system the diesel fuel intrudes into the crank case and dilutes the oil the cooling water intrudes into the oil

             for fill holes where manual power is needed, always fill oil or lubricant grease with oil filters


        8). Check the start system:

             electric starting

    check whether the electrolyte proportion of the starter battery is between 1.240 and 1.280. if the ratio is lower than 1.180, it means that there isn’t enough electricity in the battery

    ensure that the electric circuit is correctly connected and the control system is prepared for the starting. The air clutch shall be disengaged.

    ensure that the connection terminals on the battery are not fouled or oxidized. If so, rub off the foul or scales

    ensure that the electric contact pins on the starter motor and the solenoid provide good contact.

             Pneumatic starting

    ensure that there is no leakage in all sections of the air pipes including joints

    ensure that the pressure of the air bottle is between 2500 and 3000 kPa.


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