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  Technical Article
Standard Export Packing Material For Generator Set
Date:2017-06-27 14:18:57 Hits:792

          China Sun Moon Trading Co., Limited is one of the key supplies for diesel generator, marine diesel generator, silent diesel generator set, containerized silent diesel genset, trailer mounted diesel genset, generator (alternator), ATS cabinet for genset, diesel water pump set, diesel welding set, spare parts and other related products manufactured in China.

          When we export diesel generator sets to our customers outside of China, we often use standard export packing materials for the products. Usually, there are 3 kind of shipments we handle all along.
          1). LCL Shipment
               We have the big plywood case for LCL shipment. If the shipment goes to Australia, we still can provide the fumigation wood packaging for Australia customs. Below pictures can be referred.


          2). FCL Shipment
               Plastic membrance outside for all of products, loaded into the container.


          3). Spare Parts Shipment
               Plastic membrance outside for all of products, loaded into the container.

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