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  Technical Article
Lanzhou Electric Corporation -- Company Profile
Date2017-08-17 16:33:48 Hits:601

Lanzhou Electric Corporation (LEC) is a state-owned sole proprietorship corporation established from the original Lanzhou Electric Manufactory founded in l958. LEC lies in Lanzhou and is now the biggest manufacturer producing electric machine and generating equipment in Northwest China. In 1994, LEC entered the National Mechanical Industrial Rank of "Hundred-Powerful Enterprise", passed ISO 9001 quality system assessment, granted as "State Enterprise Technical Center" as well as the title of " State advanced technology enterprise" due to its strong technical force and amazing achievement in advanced technology. Through 2000 editions of cards of changing in 2004.

LEC covers an area of 58 ha., has 804 sets of main equipment among which 69 sets are the precise, large-sized and rare equipment and 57 sets are imported equipment with international advanced lever.

The main products of LEC are now classified as 10 categories such as medium/large-sized AC motor; medium/large-sized DC electrical machine; alternator for general purpose; mobile electric power plant; diesel-engine generator set; medium-frequency electrical machine; H/L-voltage control board (or cabinet); extra-high slip motor; AC servo motor, spindle motor and step motor; small/medium-sized asynchronous motor; small/medium-sized hydroelectric generating set, etc.. The annual comprehensive production capacity comes up to 2.5 million kW.   

The products are enjoying a high reputation at home and abroad. They are exported to more than 20 nations and regions, and was granted "Advance of Science and Technology" award three times by state and 11 times by provincial in recent 5 years.

LEC has introduced advanced manufacturing technique from abroad such as DC electric machine of GE corporation in America, marine alternator of AEG, AC servo motor and spindle motor, AC frequency- control variable speed motor of SIEMENS AG in German and has also self developed a lot of famous and excellent products such as related series alternators, AC servo and spindle motors, series YJS H/L voltage motors and large-sized AC frequency- control variable speed motors which are enjoying a high reputation at home and abroad.

Both general manager and president of corporation, Mr. Ma Yonghe, on behalf of LEC, extends heartfelt thanks for all friends' helping and concerning.



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