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the main differences between genuine Stamford generator & copy Stamford generator
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  Technical Article
the main differences between genuine Stamford generator & copy Stamford generator
Date2018-06-19 19:33:53 Hits:2717

          When the buyers plan to import generator or generator set, maybe they don’t know how to choose the brand of generator among Stamford, Marathon, Leroy Somer & Copy-Stamford. Here, we would like to help the buyers to make a right decision for them. If we were the buyers, we will choose Stamford or copy-Stamford. The main reason is that Stamford generator has the best quality among Stamford, Marathon, Leroy Somer & copy-Stamford. Moreover, Stamford generator must be the first choice when several gensets need to be paralleled together in the synchronization system. If talking about the copy Stamford generator, it is most suitable if the buyers’ budget is limited or their generator set is used as a standby genset for emergency use.


          Our professional recommendation is "either Stamford or copy-Stamford". At this moment, it is necessary for us to introduce the main differences between Stamford & copy Stamford synchronous brushless AC generator (alternator) for the potential buyers.

            Stamford generator is better than copy-Stamford generator in quality.

            Stamford generator is much higher than copy-Stamford generator in price

            different exporting policy. It is acceptable for Chinese exporter to export 1-2 sets of Stamford generator. If exporting quantity is more, most of Chinese exporters are not willing to accept it because that our national exporting policy doesn't allow to only export Stamford generator, must export the whole genset (engine + Stamford generator). But copy Stamford generator made in China doesn't have such kind of exporting restriction. 


          Copy Stamford generator has a similiar-quality compared with genuine Stamford generator,(i.e. brushless, self-excitation system, AVR, ingress protection "IP23", insulation class "H", made of 100% copper lines.) 

          But its price is much lower than genuine Stamford generator. If the quality of copy Stamford generator is much closer to genuine Stamford generator, the price will become much closer to the price of genuine Stamford generator accordingly. That’s to say, among many copy-Stamford generators made in China, exists different quality-grades with different prices. This is the truth & facts.


           Fortunately, the quality of copy Stamford generator still can be trusted enough. Furthermore, copy Stamford generator has the same warranty time as Stamford generator, (i.e. 12 months or 1000 running hours, whichever comes firstly). Copy Stamford generators can meet all of industrial requirements of technology and 100% meet exporting requirements for the global market. Copy Stamford, compared with Stamford generator, remains unbeatable in terms of price. From the above the details, it becomes very clear for the buyers to choose the brand of generator, we hope.


           The following pictures are prepared for our global customers who once bought or will buy copy Stamford generator (copy Stamford alternator) from us -- Yangzhou Yongcai Machinery Co., Ltd.


           1). An aerial view of Chinese factory in which copy Stamford generators are manufactured over there
           2). Raw materials of copy Stamford generator (copy Stamford alternator)
               Silicon steel sheet is the cold rolling silicon sheeting from the best suppliers in China, such as Chinese Baoshan steel and Chinese Wuhan steel. The stator punching of the whole series adopts intergral punching. Enameled wire adopts Fuzhou Guancheng Datong 180 . such enameled wires have passed the certifcate of UL.
           3). Single bearing copy Stamford generator
           4). Double bearing copy Stamford generator
           5). Quality testings on copy Stamford generators
           6). Inside packing materials and outside packing materials (standard exporting plywood case) for copy Stamford generator

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